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Poconos Community Real Estate Websites

here's how to find a home in a particular Poconos community.... just click on the Poconos community real estate website for the neighborhood you are interested in finding a home or rental in. One click to see homes available in any of these Poconos neighborhoods. This is brought to you by the official website of Poconos Real Estate.

Poconos Real Estate Websites

Finding a home in any one of these communities or neighborhoods is easy, just click and find your perfect Poconos home for sale.

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Community Real Estate Website
Community Description
. One of the Poconos Largest Communities. 86 Sales Last year. Outdoor Pools, clubhouses, two large lakes
. The Vacation home Coummunity closest to Philadelphia market. 20 Sales last year. Held up very well through the depression.
. Top ranked vacation home community. Has high priced lakefronts. 22 Sales last year. Pools, beaches, lakes.
. 27 Sales Last Year. Lakes, pool, tennis Commuter community with higher than average priced homes. 31 Sales last year.
. Close to Big Boulder, Jack Frost, The Pocono Raceway and backs on State lands. 23 sales last year.
. Average home here is way above average for the market. 16 Home Sales Last Year.

The Geographic Center of the Poconos Market with 42 sales in the 3 surrounding communities and above average price sales. Great rental potential.

. 19 Sales Last Year. Lakes, commuter location, variety of home styles.
. Homes for sale in Delaware Water Gap, PA
. All things East Stroudsburg.


East Stoudsburg area Real Estate for sale
. Lakes, Indoor pool, lose to waterparks and skiing. 78 Sales last year.
. 39 Sales Last Year Lake, beach, pool

113 Sales Last Year <More ranch homes per square mile than anywhere else in the Poconos

. Lakes, close to skiing, one of the closer neighborhoods to Philadelphia market. 96 Sales Last Year,
. 76 Sales Last Year in this City Address. Lake, skiing, waterpark. Has it all.
. Quiet vacation home neighborhood. 6 sales last year.
. Tied with Hemlock Farms for the TOP revenue communities in the Poconos. 76 Sales in this neighborhood, but countless sales to customers shopping Lake Naomi go to the surrounding communities.
. What's to say? Represents an entire region of Real Estate Sales!
. Vacation Home neighborhood that has done well through the depression. Lakefronts, ski side, State Game Lands frontage and cheaper houses. A real estate agents dream community! Something for everyone. 35 Sales last year.
. 17 Sales Last Year, lakes.
. 48 Sales Last Year. Complete community, lakes, ski area, pool, tennis
. The Largest Neighborhood in the Poconos. All price homes. Lots of rentals, lakefronts, lakeviews, foreclosures. Sales just keep on ticking here. 211 Last year.
. Quiet, well run, lots of amenities, broad range of prices, lake, tennis, kids activities, golf, restaurant. EVERYONE likes Pocono Farms and it shows with 97 homes sold last year.

269 lakefront houses sold in the Poconos last year.


Information on Poconos Mountain property for sale.

. Vacation rentals in the Poconos.
. Pool, horseback riding, ski slope,
. Poconos Businesses for Sale

THE intuitive name for all things Poconos Real Estate. Over 13000 People per month visit these two websites searching for Poconos Real Estate ! That would mean that these tw websites reach over 1/2 of all people who purchase property in the Poconos Mountains each year.
. 6 Sales last year. Underserved!
. Cabins for Sale in Promised Land, PA WOW 100 Sales last year! Wide variety of price ranges. Pools Tennis, lake, ski slope
. A Low maintenance resort community at a ski area and close to a motorboating lake. Cheap houses. 13 sales last year.
. Vacation or year around. Lots of colonial, ranches and contemporaries. A little for everyone. Now gated! 22 sales last year.
. Nice homes, quiet with lakes, indoor pool, tennis, outdoor pool, fishing, close to hunting, easy to get to.
. 121 Sales Last Year, motor boating lake, non motorboating lake, beaches, pool, tennis
. 14 Sales Last year. WAY above average for the market.
. 118 Sales last year. The most in any single neighborhood in the Poconos Market. Close to Philadelphia, well run, lakes, tennis, other activities.
. 35 Sales Last year
Commuter and Vacation Homes
Basic 4 Page site includes: Front page, Contact, Amenities and Map - one time build. - A Guide to the Poconos Mountains. 3076 Valhalla View Dr. East Stroudsburg, PA 18301. With offices in the Poconos. Copyright 2017
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