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What's it like to live in the Poconos Mountains, PA

The Poconos - One Big Amusement Park

Summer water park

By Rick Golden .

If youíre looking for a resort lifestyle that includes a "home town" feeling along with snow sports mountains mountain big enough to satisfy even when the lift lines are long, The Poconos might be the place for you. Whatís it like to live in in the Poconos PA region? Though it has a small small town feel, within the resort region there are bars, boutiques and restaurants high end enough to compete with the biggest wallets and family styule to be economical. While the glamor factor is definitely less than NYC (where many of our transplants come from), itís still cultured enough with summer stock theater, a univerxity with it's activities, lots of art galleries and a few nice concert venues (some larger than you would expect) and it is less pretentious than New York's or Philadelphia's other glitzy center cities. Camelback Mountain might just have the best skiing terrain in the state.

There is always something going on, events and festivals that are amazing and many people have to travel to see. The outdoor activities are endless. For most people their gym is the forest, rivers, lakes and mountains, living here is great for people who love the outdoors. People benefit from the small town feel, it's fun seeing people you know and the quaint small towns a villages are tight communities with mostly families living here.

There are some challenges. You MUST have a car to get around. It's a service based economy so it is a challenge to make good money. The majority of work requires that you earn your whole year in six to eight when tourists are in the area. For women seeking mates.... the odds are good but goods are odd. Many dudes who don't shower or shave. Men... well... there are not many ways to meet women. And finding one with a good job to partner with is tough. There are some Snobby tourist visitors, mostly from NYC. There are families here, but many are holding down two or more jobs, so it's hard to meet people who aren't among the seasonal influx of tourists. We love to hate Interstates 80 nd 84, which run through the middle of the Poconos spliting the region into three parts they are loud and dirty, but drive our economy.


And No.

We, who live here, do NOT all have heart shaped Jacuzzis. (Though to point out ... when Mt Air Lodge went out of business a few years ago.... one of the most popular items at the auction were the red heart shaped tubs).



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